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P R Of Australia

Australia Permanent Residence Visa Requirements 

Australian Permanent Residence is the status of an individual in Australia who is allowed to stay in the country for definite period of time and can be renewed for further stay. For Australia PR the candidate need not have Australian Citizenship. Australia has designed programs under which the country offers permanent residence to a candidate. Immigration to Australia under skilled migration program for skilled people and Humanitarian program especially for refugees make eligible for Australian PR.
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An Australia permanent residence candidate is allowed to apply for Australia citizenship if he/she is good by character and fulfills the needs of normal residence. These candidates have the right to work & study and live in Australia. They also have the authority to sponsor relatives.  Australia Permanent Residence Requirements

Skilled migrants who apply for PR in Australia need to score 65 points in Australia Permanent Residence Test. The points of the candidates will be assessed using Australia immigration point’s calculator. The candidate will be evaluated based on the following requirements

·         Age: should be less than 50 years

·         English language: sufficient in English language to work in the country

·         Nominated occupation: the nominated occupation should be included in the Skilled Occupation List

·         Recent work experience: should possess Australian or any other work experience for nominated occupation

·         Skills assessment: candidates  skills are tested for Australian occupation

·         Health assessment: Doctor will check health status of the candidate and give a certificate

·         Character assessment: Candidate’s character should be good.

How to apply for Australian PR?

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